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At, we honor the privacy of our website visitors. Therefore the website's privacy policy is very
thorough and strict to ensure maximum confidentiality for the users. In our privacy policy we clearly state the information we
collect regarding a visitor when they visit, so there is no apprehension from the user's end. Privacy of
information is the most important thing for any person browsing the internet. If every other website starts to collect and use
personal information illegally, the internet would not be safe. For this reason, we safeguard a user's personal information from
any third parties at

Records of Log Files

The data contained in the log files is stored and used by our website. This is done my mostly all web pages on the internet.
The log file information contains your Internet Protocol Address, your Internet Service Provider name, the browser name (for
example Safari, Chrome), the time of visit and the exact pages that were visited. This information is important to ensure that there
is no spam on the website.

Web Beacons and Cookies Log

Cookies are used by to store information and the visitor's personal preferences. This might initiate
a pop up on the screen or let the visitor access certain privileges on the website. Advertisers on HD Wallpapers 360 may also
use cookies and web beacons on the webpage. This technology is used to attain information regarding your ISP, IP address,
browser and plug in details (for example Adobe Flash player). The DART cookies technology by Google enables you to receive
advertisements that interest you (by using your browsing information). You may opt out of the DART cookie service anytime.
You may use your browser settings or an anti-virus to disable website cookies or third party cookies. This will fulfill
your privacy requirement but it might restrict you from logging into various web services.

Third Party Advertisement

Third parties are involved in advertising on HD Wallpapers 360. The ads on the website are courtesy of third party
providers that use certain algorithms to choose which ads to display. The advertisements are chosen to provide you with the
ones that interest you the most. This is done by giving third parties an access to your visit information on this website this
lets the algorithms choose the best advertisements for you. Third parties are never provided a user's name, address, phone
number or any other personal information. This is done solely for good marketing practice. You can opt out of providing your
browsing information to the third parties. A user can make choices regarding this matter and protect personal information.
We wish you a secure and enjoyable time on this website.


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